Welcome to Jessica's Journey

Beyond the cake.

Before I started my business in 2015, everyone knew me as Jessica. The only people who called me Jess were my husband and my family. When I was trying to come up with a name for my business I knew I wanted to incorporate my name so it felt more personal. Every cake that I do is meaningful, so my hope was that when you heard the name Crowned Cakes by Jess you knew that an actual person cared about making your special day amazing. So here we are, five and a half years later, and my little business grew beyond my wildest dreams. And no one calls me Jessica anymore. Jessica's Journey seems like a fitting name for this new little blog because as you get to know me on a personal level you will learn that I believe life doesn't have an end destination, it truly is all about savoring each sweet moment of the journey.

My hope is not only to provide a new way to connect to my awesome customers, some who have become friends over the years, but to inspire you through sharing my stories. Never would I have imagined that taking a four week cake class (because I was bored with no friends) could turn into a full time business with a reach of over ten thousand people, two employees, and even a short but sweet stint with a store front. I want to share why my shop was a success to me even when on the outside it looks like a fail. I want to share how I started working at 15 years old because I grew up poor and had nothing handed to me, who eventually became a miserable employee that got fired from countless jobs because I just didn't care. I want to show you how finding your joy in life is how you find your success. Beyond being a business owner, I am a very spiritual person who sees every experience as a lesson. Every customer is a blessing, especially the difficult ones. Yes, I can look at my first bad review with gratitude because it helped me find the balance between knowing my value and needing other people's approval.

If you are looking for baking and decorating tips, this is probably not where you will find them. There are a million websites dedicated to teaching you how to bake and well, to be honest, my recipes are my own and I have developed them over the years into something I believe to be unique, so I have no desire to share my "secrets" as of yet. This blog is meant to share business related stories on a personal level, stories that have stuck with me because they contain pearls of wisdom and helped me grow as a person, which in turn helped my business grow. If you are like me and feel like you've spent years stumbling through life seeking out purpose and trying to use work to define who you are as a person, I hope that you will use my stories to help gain new perspective to help you follow your own heart, using your own skills and talents to mold yourself into the best possible version of you that you can imagine.... maybe like me, things will turn out even better than you can fathom.

xoxo, Jess

Dorey Fox Photography - Modeling for Ragazza Boutique

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