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Virtual Classes

When the craziness of 2020 hit and our schedule completely cleared out we had to get creative to figure out how to make up lost orders. We started with a unicorn and although I was a nervous wreck, it was a hit and we started offering virtual classes monthly via Facebook Live.

At this time we are offering virtual classes every 6-8 weeks and we post on our social media when they are ready for sign ups. Please check Facebook and Instagram for updates!

These classes include a mini 5 inch cake and most supplies needed to decorate your cake. Typically you will need a rolling pin and a knife or pastry cutter but occasionally you may need other supplies, which we offer as an optional add on. Classes start at $36 and go up depending on design. We cannot ship cake kits at this time so classes are for participants in the Toledo area. 


In Person Classes

We are able to offer in person classes at your location as we do not have a store front. For in person classes we do 6 inch cakes and pricing starts at $50 per person with a minimum of 6 participants. For classes of 12 people or more we can offer the mini 5 inch cake starting at $36 per person.


Classes are available on Sundays and Thursdays. We generally need at least 6 weeks notice for in person classes, shoot us an email with your desired date, approximate number of participants, and any design ideas you may have. Usually animals are the easiest for beginners to follow along.

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